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We will contact you within the hour to explain how we will be able to help

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    We will guide you securely throughout the whole process

    Building inspection

    • Building inspection of the property
    • Examination of all reports and notes
    • Estimation of durability and reports
    • Estimation of repairs and improvements

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    Fixed price – 3.995 kr

    Judicial buyer’s advice

    • Examination of the buyer’s agreement
    • Examination of the property´s documents
    • Examination of the condition report
    • Financial and insurance advice

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    Fixed price – 7.495 kr

    Price negotiation

    • Avoid paying too much for the dream house
    • The experts negotiate for you
    • Dialogue with the realtor
    • No cure no pay

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    10% of the price reduction

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    This is how it works

    1. The negotiation phase

    Once you have found your desired property, we will agree on, how we can help you the best, according to your needs. Both the price negotiation and building inspection typically takes place in this phase.

    2. The approval of the purchase

    Once the buyer´s agreement has been signed, we will examine it as well as the property´s documents. We will discuss our remarks for this both over the phone and in writing, so we can make sure, that you are satisfied.

    3. The completion

    Once the deal has been declared final, and all conditions has been clarified, we will prepare/control the deed and completion settlement, plus we advise you on your choice of change of ownership insurance.

    We will contact you within the hour to explain how we will be able to help

      What is buyer counselling and a buyer’s counsellor?

      Buyer counselling is a service you can utilise when buying an apartment in Copenhagen or any other real estate property in Denmark. The service brings a buyer’s counsellor – a professional assisting you throughout the entire purchasing process, ensuring you are well-informed about the terms and conditions of the deal.

      We make apartment buying safe and manageable

      Buying an apartment is not something that happens with the snap of your fingers. It’s a decision that involves significant deliberation about finding the right place to live, while also investing in your future and financial stability. In other words, there’s a lot at stake, and that’s why – when you’re looking to invest in a house, an apartment, or any other type of property in Copenhagen – it’s well worth having professional buyer counselling on the sidelines to ensure a safe and hassle-free purchasing process. There are indeed many aspects to take into consideration when purchasing property, more than one might think. Fortunately, we have in-depth knowledge of the entire process, and by choosing us for buyer counselling in Copenhagen, you can rest assured that you’ll be well prepared for your upcoming apartment purchase. We will guide you through the entire decision-making so you can feel confident along the way. As your professional buyer’s counsellor, our ultimate goal is to make the apartment purchase more manageable for you and to avoid unnecessary stress and worries.

      Let us help you with your apartment buying in Copenhagen

      While searching for your ideal home, you may have spent months or even years weighing your options. Now that you’ve chosen your future residence, the purchasing process should not be rushed. Komplet Køberrådgivning can assist you in making the process of buying an apartment in Copenhagen as seamless, secure, and straightforward as possible. We have comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of property transactions – including apartments – and we always prioritise your interests and needs. We offer a wide range of services, including technical inspections, reporting, and price negotiations. See the overview here of what we can assist you with as your buyer’s counsellor:

      Technical inspection and reporting

      • Home inspection 
      • A construction expert inspection of the property
      • Review of all reports and notes
      • Assessment of remaining lifespan and report preparation
      • Estimate of necessary repairs and improvements

      Price negotiation and professional assistance

      • Negotiation for the best price for your dream home
      • Direct dialogue with the seller’s real estate agent
      • No cure, no pay – you only pay if we achieve a price reduction

      How buyer counselling works

      Let’s take a closer look at how buyer counselling works at Komplet Køberrådgivning and how it can benefit you when buying an apartment in Copenhagen.

      1. Negotiation phase

      • Once you’ve found the apartment that meets all your wants and needs, we’ll discuss how a buyer’s counsellor can assist you with the purchase. In this phase, negotiations typically involve discussing the price and conducting a construction experts’ inspection of the property.
      1. Approval of the transaction

      • Once both parties have signed the purchase agreement, we begin the legal review of the agreement and all transaction documents. We document our observations from the legal review in a letter, which we will discuss with you during a phone meeting. Typically, there’s a stipulated four or five-day period in the purchase agreement for the contingency period before delivering the obligated  letter of approval to the agent. Finally, we communicate with the agent until the transaction is declared final (or if you decide to withdraw from the transaction).
      1. Completion

      • Once the transaction is finalised, we assist in drafting and reviewing the deed and settlement statement. It’s also during this phase that you can receive guidance on choosing your change of ownership insurance.

      Why choose us for buyer counselling?

      Our counselling have been involved in countless real estate transactions, so we can confidently guarantee that we can provide you with competent and professional advice. We know what you, as a buyer, should be aware of to secure the most advantageous deal for you.

      Our customers’ peace of mind is our top priority, and our primary role in buyer counselling is to assist you with knowledge and expertise so that you fully understand what you are signing throughout the process.

      Let us be your counsellor when buying an apartment in Copenhagen

      Our comprehensive buyer counselling is designed to assist you throughout the entire process of buying an apartment in Copenhagen, allowing you to focus on other aspects such as planning your move and creating your dream home.

      If you want Komplet Køberrådgivning to accompany you on your home buying journey, contact us today at +45 69 69 29 12 or email us at to schedule a personal consultation. We look forward to helping you create the perfect conditions for your future home.